High Performance Team

2018 Golf Saskatchewan

High Performance Team Selection Criteria

Golf Saskatchewan (Golf SK) is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the promotion and development of golf in Saskatchewan.

Golf Saskatchewan is excited to announce the 3rd year of Saskatchewan High Performance Program (HPP) for the 2018/2019 golf season.  The HP Programs goal is focused on developing Saskatchewan’s golfers to be competitive on the national stage.  This program aims to provide Saskatchewan golfers with training and coaching programs aligning with the National standards, including the athlete development principles contained in the Golf Canada Long Term Player Development Guide (LTPD). The program is designed to help educate both the parents and the athletes on appropriate training development and improved athlete performance.

It is a goal of this training program to create a culture of challenging work, commitment and dedication among its athletes and coaches who share those same desires to excel at an elevated level.

HP Program will not replace the relationship and/or technical training you may have with your PGA of Canada SK Zone Instructor or local Pro, however the program is designed to enhance the golfer’s technical skills by offering additional components to their training by partnering with the Sport Science and Medicine Council, their consultants and PGA of Canada certified golf coaches by offering;

  • Training Camps
  • Competitive Matches (when appropriate)
  • Fitness Testing and Fitness training programs and seminars
  • Mental Skills Coaching and Monitoring
  • Shot by Shot Game Analysis
  • Social Network for Skill Development
  • Athlete Management System
  • Time Management
  • Life Skills Management and training
  • Parental Education Seminar
  • Amateur Status Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Healthy Lifestyles and Drug Awareness
  • Post-Secondary / Scholarship Discussions and assistance.

Golf SK and Jason Schneider are committed to furthering the development of elite athletes in the province for the 2018-2019 season and help the athletes excel at the national level.

–> more information to follow in the coming months.

Resources for Players

Junior Competitive Pathway


Canada’s Junior Competitive Pathway is a valuable tool to assist players and parents in choosing appropriate competitions for junior aged players based on several factors including age, current tournament handicap and stage of development (based on the Long-Term Player Development Guide for Golf in Canada). The pathway also illustrates what level of PGA of Canada training / certification is recommended for coaching players at the various stages of development. An online and interactive version of the Canadian Junior Competitive Pathway can be found by clicking here.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a very important tool that can help athletes reach their peak mental and physical performances. By establishing a final destination and outlining a path to get there, success becomes more attainable. The powerpoint details the importance of smart goal settings, the different types of mental and physical goals, and how to set and achieve them. Download the powerpoint by clicking here.

Proper Training Methods

Research shows that no one attains world class performance without many hours of dedicated practice and attention to detail in their area of expertise. This power point explains the concept of deliberate practice and outlines effective practice strategies and drills for competitive golfers. Download the powerpoint presentation by clicking here.

Golf Warm-Up

Athletes from all sports spend a lot of time preparing themselves for competition and developing a great warm up is an essential step. Making a good warm-up routine part of your game will help you play better, avoid injuries, and improve performance. This power point takes you through seven simple warm up exercises that can be incorporated into your pre-game routine. Download the powerpoint by clicking here.

Golf Nutrition

Research clearly shows that your eating and hydration schedule and what you eat and drink is important to help achieve your goal of high performance. This power point explains the importance of proper nutrition / hydration during training, pre-round, in-round and post-round situations along with sample menu / snack suggestions. Download the powerpoint by clicking here.

Travel Preparations

Traveling to competitions can be a new and challenging experience for players. Dealing with new conditions and ensuring players bring all the necessary equipment and gear can be easily controlled. This power point provides pre-travel, travel and on-site checklists to help eliminate distractions and allow players to focus on the competition in a healthy and prepared state. Download the power point by clicking here.

Custom Club Fitting

Properly fitted equipment provides the best opportunity for success, enjoyment, and opportunity. Club Fitting is facilitated by a professional who performs a series of tests utilizing specialized tools to discover optimized golf club specifications. To learn more about custom club fitting and equipment variables, click here.

Post-Secondary Golf Opportunities

Athletes aspiring to pursue post-secondary opportunities opportunities will find important information on both US and Canadian Collegiate golf including: the application process, admission requirements, training programs and scholarships. Download the powerpoint by clicking here.


Periodization involves creating very detailed training, competition and recovery plans in an effort to ensure that an athlete “peaks” at the right time. Click here for a full guide to volume and intensity of training and competition.

How to Make the National Team

While producing some of the best amateur players in the world, the National Team Program provides young players wit the best possible support service in facilitating their development. For more information on how to make the national team and what it entails, click here.

The Role of Parents and Coaches

Parents and coaches play a pivotal role in the development of high-performance athletes. In order for any athlete to succeed, a positive support system within a healthy environment must be established. To learn about the specific tasks and expectations of parents, guardians and coaches, click here.

Learn to Compete


The Learn to Compete Program is a framework that PGA of Canada members can use to foster the development of competitive junior aged athletes through a three-stage program that aligns with the various stages of Long-Term Player Development.

This program is designed to expose players to age/stage appropriate content through an identified set of core modules that are applicable to each stage of the program. Within each core module is a series of recommended “Areas to Cover” that the athletes should be exposed to as they progress through each level of the program.

Similar to the Future Links, Driven by Acura Learn to Play program, for athletes to progress to the next stage, they must demonstrate that they have achieved the benchmarks that have been established.

Multi Sport Games

2019 Western Canada Summer Games





The Western Canada Summer Games provide an opportunity for Saskatchewan’s top juvenile athletes (U17) to test their athletic talent against the rest of the west. Also through a prospect team selection model, Golf Saskatchewan works closely with its athletes in preparation for these games. Team SK for this competition is made up of 4 boys and 4 girls and are supported by coaches, volunteers and mission staff.  The next Western Canada Summer Games will be held in 2019 in Swift Current at the Chinook GC.

Note, the team for the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games will be picked from the Golf SK High Performance Program.  Details of how to get involved will be released in 2018.

Long Term Player Dev.


Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) is a systemic approach developed and adopted by Golf Canada in partnership with the PGA of Canada to maximize a participant’s potential and involvement in our sport. The Long-Term Player Development Guide —version 2.0—marks the second iteration of the important blueprint which provides research, statistics and insight into Canada’s player development pathway. Included are findings and adjustments that have evolved within the sport of golf since the last version of the LTPD Guide was launched. LTPD is an extension of our goal to place Canada among the top golfing nations in the world.

To view the entire document please click on the link above.

Junior Golf


For all things related to junior golf, including camp and clinic look-up, tournament schedules and results, news, tips and more visit Golf Canada Juniors.

Future Links, Driven by Acura

FL Acura Logo-FullColour-EN


As Canada’s national junior golf program, Future Links, driven by Acura has delivered world-class programming to over 1.4 million juniors since its inception in 1996. Over that period, Future Links has remained committed in leading the charge to provide new and insightful junior programming at affordable costs. Developed in conjunction with the PGA of Canada, Future Links offers a suite of programs: Golf in Schools; Learn to Play; Junior Skills Challenge; Mobile Clinics; PGA Junior League; Order of Merit and Girls Club.

Presented in Saskatchewan by Sask-Tel

Future Links is at the core of Canada’s Long-Term Player Development framework, aimed at guiding Canadian golfers along a pathway to reach their full potential. Future Links, driven by Acura Championships consist of six regional junior golf tournaments aimed at providing exceptional Canadian junior male and female golfers with the opportunity to develop his or her skills and showcase his or her talents at the highest level of tournament golf.

FL Acura GolfInSchools-FullCol-CMYK-EN

Developed by Physical and Health Education Canada, in partnership with Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada, Golf in Schools has been designed to enable elementary school teachers “regardless of their golf knowledge, skill or background” the ability to deliver essential physical education through the sport of golf. Each school is outfitted with a full set of plastic golf clubs and equipment. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, the Golf in Schools Program is bringing the game of golf to Canadian schools. This program has been developed for teachers to provide students the opportunity to develop aspects of physical literacy related to the sport of golf and increase student knowledge and appreciation for the sport of golf.

In continuation of the program’s focus to provide cutting-edge lesson plans, learning resources have evolved with the addition of the Life Skills curriculum, developed from research conducted by the University of Ottawa. This extension places added focus on integrating transferable life skills such as honesty and respect into the Golf in Schools lesson plans.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Golf in Schools program, how professional Canadian golfer Graham DeLaet supports the program and how you can bring the Golf in Schools program to your school.

FL Acura LearnToPlay-FullCol-CMYK-ENFL Acura PGA-JrSkillsChallenge-FullCol-CMYK-ENFL Acura GirlsClub-FullCol-CMYK-ENFL Acura OrderOfMerit-FullCol-CMYK-ENFL Acura MobileClinics-FullCol-CMYK-EN


JR Golf Development Centres

The PGA of Canada and Golf Canada—in partnership with the Provincial Golf Associations—launched a national model in 2012 for Junior Golf Development Centres.

With a vision of establishing a network of Junior Golf Development Centres across Canada, the initiative provides interested youth with the opportunity to access comprehensive age appropriate golf programming—delivered at a national standard—providing junior participants and their families the skills and experiences designed to keep them involved with golf for life.

The player and his or her family will have a choice on whether they want to be involved in programming that is more competitive in nature or a stream of programming more geared to recreational participation.

Find a National Junior Golf Development Centre in your area on the Golf Canada Juniors website. Saskatchewan’s National Junior Golf Development Centre is:

  • Jason Schneider is the NJGDC contact at Wildwood GC, Saskatoon, SK

Interested in becoming a NJGDC? Contact us at email. Each centre is provided with LTPD compliant programming to use as a guide in addition to being recognized as a best in class junior golf development facility in Canada. Golf Canada will increase marketing efforts to supports programming at the NJGDC facility. A library of resources to assist in providing best in class programming will also be available for each Development Centre.

Athlete Assistance (Nationals)

The Sport Development Committee and Golf Saskatchewan believes in our athletes competing and excelling at the highest levels. In 2013, the Athlete Assistance Program was revamped to include only those athletes who compete at a National competitions recognized by Golf Canada and/or other golf bodies (USGA or R&A).

The National Athlete Assistance may be available to players striving to test their abilities against world class competition.  Following the completion of our Provincial Championships, athletes who have qualified to attend nationals (as either team members and/or quota spots) may be eligible for National Athlete Assistance.

  • The amount of subsidy is determined on an annual basis.

ELIGIBILITY: In order to be considered for an Athlete Assistance Grant, the applicant must:

  • be a current member of Golf Saskatchewan, and
  • have competed in Golf Saskatchewan’s most recent Provincial Championship(s), and
  • have competed in a recent National Championship in the calendar year, and
  • Golf SK’s Sport Development Committee reserves the right to determine other areas of eligibility when required.

Eligibility notes from Golf SK, we require:

  1. All participants competing at any National Championship to pay her/his own Entry Fee.
  2. Junior competitors are not eligible to receive Athlete Assistance for a Junior Competition as their quota/team spots are funded by through Golf SK.
  3. A Junior who qualifies as an Amateur aged event is eligible for Athlete Assistance.
  4. An athlete who competes at more than 1 national championship may receive additional funding, unless some other circumstance makes this ineligible (Example – Junior Team Member – being on the team).
  5. Cheques will be issued shortly after the completion a National Championship.  Reimbursement Timeline.  All cheques will be in the mail no later than October 15th, of the calendar year.

OTHER NOTICES – you will not receive Athlete Assistance if:

  1. An athlete directly enters a National/International competition.
  2. An athlete recieves an additional quota spot through a regional competition such as the Future Links Regional Championship. *
  3. The athlete received an exemption spot from play at a previous years championship.  For Example, at the 2017 Golf Canada Men’s Mid-Amateur, a top 10 finish gets you an exemption into next years (2018) field.  Golf SK will not assist you with funding for this event as it is outside of the fiscal year, unless the player earns a spot from a Golf SK Provincial Championship in the current calendar year.


2018 SAGE Scholarship Information

Golf Saskatchewan annually awards a number of Scholarships to deserving student candidates who have made major accomplishments in academics, including golf, in Saskatchewan. The Scholarships are named for individuals who have made significant contributions to amateur golf in the province.

Golf Saskatchewan also works with Golf Canada to assist young golfers who wish to apply for national scholarships and bursaries through the Golf Canada Foundation.

To apply for the scholarships that are available in 2018, please click on the link below:

Past SAGE Recipients

Golf Saskatchewan annually presents up to post-secondary Saskatchewan Academic and Golf Excellence (SAGE) scholarships, and two high school bursaries, to deserving golfers.

The scholarships are:

  • Graham DeLaet Scholarship value of $1,500 (two scholarships)
  • Golf Saskatchewan Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Ron Young Memorial Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Fred Fletcher – Ben/Bob Reid Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Jack Leddy – Jack Heywood Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Hubert S. Cooke – William S. Kinnear Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Alex “Kozy” Kozakavich Scholarship of value $1,000
  • Bill Gordon Memorial Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Meredith MacPherson-Stalwick Memorial Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Garry Hayes Memorial Scholarship (value determined annually)
  • Golf Saskatchewan High School Bursaries (two bursaries) (value to be determined annually)

In the event deserving candidates are not available, the selection committee may forgo awarding one or more of the scholarships.  The scholarships are intended to assist members of Golf Saskatchewan affiliated golf clubs in their pursuit of high school and post-secondary education.

Selection Criteria

A scholarship will be awarded by the Golf SK Scholarship Committee to those applicants judged most deserving based on:

  • Being a member of Golf Saskatchewan/Golf Canada,
  • Most of the application weighting based on the applicants current year academic record (minimum grade point average)
  • A small weighting is based on:
    • the applicant competing at the previous years’ Provincial Championship,
    • the Golf SK Order of Merit Tour standings,
    • future plans in academics and/or golf, and
    • a paragraph/letter outlining why the applicant should be considered.

Note: extenuating circumstances may result in the committee choosing an applicant who may not meet all the criteria.  

Application Deadline

  • Applications must be completed in full and received May 5th at 12:00 PM.  
  • Late or incomplete applications may be rejected. 
  • Scholarship recipients will be announced on May 31st, of the application year.

* Note: should an individual not attend a University/College in the application year, she/he will forfeit the scholarship. A forfeited scholarship will not be awarded to another applicant in the same fiscal year.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Golf Canada Foundation Scholarships The Golf Canada Foundation is the leading source for golf philanthropy in Canada, awarding more than $2.5 million in grants and scholarships since 1982. The Foundation’s mission is to support and promote programs that increase participation in golf by engaging players of all ages and abilities across the country.

Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation The Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation is a charitable organization that grants post-secondary scholarships to deserving young Canadians who show an ability as golfers. And while the Foundation focuses its efforts on reaching out to young people with an interest and ability in golf, the Foundation does not exist to only empower young golfers to become better golfers. The Foundation exists to empower young golfers to become better people – champions of their generation. Since the foundation’s inception in 1985, they have awarded 393 scholarships to young Canadian golfers, helping them to reach their highest potential, not only in golf, but in life. And, with the help of friends and supporters such as you, they look forward to building on that number.

Women's Golf

We are passionate about growing the game of golf in this country. Introducing women to the game and providing them with opportunities to develop their skills is an integral part of Golf Canada’s and Golf Saskatchewan’s efforts to foster female participation nationwide.  Some of the programs offered at courses across our province are as follows:

  • Women’s Leagues
  • Golf Championships for Ladies
  • Women’s Order of Merit Tour
  • Golf Fore the Cure presented by Subaru is one of those opportunities.

Golf Fore the Cure presented by Subaru

The Golf Fore the Cure program, presented by Subaru, is the largest national grassroots female recreational golf program in Canada. The program was created to grow women’s participation in the game of golf by introducing them to the sport through fun, non-intimidating activities, while also featuring unique partnerships with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation that add awareness and fundraising components to support the fight against breast cancer.

With the help of volunteers from across the country, the Golf Fore the Cure program has exposed more than 100,000 women to the game of golf and raised $5.1 million dollars in support of breast cancer research initiatives over the past eight years.

The Golf Fore the Cure program is all about using the sheer power of women playing the game of golf to make a difference.

The annual Golf Fore the Cure campaign culminates in a National Event that recognizes the outstanding efforts of female golfers from across the country. It is a celebration of the success of the entire Golf Fore the Cure campaign and it recognizes all those that have contributed to a future without breast cancer. In September, individuals, friends, and corporate teams come together to enjoy a great day of golf, food and camaraderie.

A portion of entry fees for the GFTC Ladies Team Classic is donated directly to the Golf Fore the Cure Program

Why Run a Golf Fore the Cure Event?

  • Golf Canada and Subaru continue to offer this program at no cost to you
  • Funds raised at each event can be allocated to help fund breast cancer support and information programs within your community
  • Receive a free event kit with prizes, signage and all necessary tournament materials
  • Join the Canadian Cancer Society in the fight against breast cancer and contribute to this meaningful cause that touches thousands of women each year
  • All sites registered will be entered into a draw to win a Fitbit Flex and Golf Canada Prize Pack!

When and Where Can I Register?

6 Easy Steps to Planning a Golf For the Cure Event Infographic

Golf Fore the Cure presented by Subaru event registration is now open for the 2017 season. Register your site and secure your event date by clicking here.

For more information and to fund-raise online, click here, or contact:

1-800-263-0009 x495

Under Represented Groups (URP)

Golf SK understands …. more information to follow.

  • Indigenous golf opportunities
  • Solo Rider
  • Special Olympics Saskatchewan
  • Blind Sport – Golf